A Solution for Every Industry 

At Insight Worldwide, we have one single task: to take the guesswork out of hiring and help you find the best man or woman for the job. We do that with pre-employment services that quickly yield astonishingly insightful information. Building a productive, trustworthy workforce doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Let’s keep it simple!

Benefits of using our assessments include:

  • Reducing workers’ comp claims
  • Improving workplace morale
  • Reducing employee turnover
  • Saving time and lowering hiring costs
  • Improving company’s safety record
  • Hiring all-around better employees

Industry Solutions

STAFFING                                        HEALTHCARE / SENIOR LIVING

MANUFACTURING                           CORRECTIONS

HOSPITALITY                                   TRANSPORTATION / WAREHOUSING

RETAIL                                              OTHER

To learn more about how we can impact your workers’ compensation claims and job turnover view our white papers and case studies.